If the point x1+t(x2x1),y1+t(y2y1) divides the join of (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) internally in ratio of t:1 then vlaue of t is


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hello Assalam 2.9 today's question we have given to the point x on Plus TV bracket x 2 - action comma buy oneplus t souri bracket by 2 - 500 se join offline action ka Mawa banane ka mobile internal in the ratio of 2 is to 1 now where to find the value of t so heavy align a line which is making by joining of point x on korma by one and X2 Y2 and we have a point P which is cutting line internal in ratio 2 is to 1 and Pico unit is given as action + 3 X 2 - X by 1 + 3 Y - 5 and this is given so we have given ratio now we can find P Koi net value and we will find peak net value and we will put this value of cos a cos 2x Koi net and Y value to buy Koi net value so how we find that using Section formula
Sophie Koi net selfie kam Mr X 2 + 1 divided by 1 + 1 by 2 + Anna by 1 / I am plus and this is our Section formula from here we get free coins sell US accent Ooty to the suction divided by 3 + 1 + X Tuti Tuti + 1 divided by 3 + 1 now we will put our values to x-coordinate and Y co-ordinate schedule will come x2t + 21 + 1 is equal to X 1 + 3 into x 2 - 61 now we will cross multiply our terms it will become x2t + 61 is equal to X 1 + 3 square into x 2 - X 1 + X 1 + 3 into x 2 - action
now from where we get value like this this excellent and this section will cancel Each Other out so we get value physics Tuti -61 t is equal to 30 Square X 2 - X 1 + 3 into x 2 - 61 now in this site will take tea commerce ab hum X2 - X1 and X2 - 61 common schedule become t square + t cells from this values will cancel Each Other out we get value St square + 3 is equal to 80 so from where we get E Square value as 0 from here we find the value as the value of zero because t square is zero that means it is also zero and that's the value that we have to find in a given question thank you guys I hope you like my video

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