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If the line lx+my+n=0 is tange...

If the line lx+my+n=0 is tangent to the circle x^(2)+y^(2)=a^(2) , then find the condition.



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Updated On: 29-4-2021

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Distance of centre of the circle of the circle from the line must be radius of the circle. <br> `:. a= (|0+0+n|)/(sqrt(l^(2)+m^(2)))` <br> `:. a^(2)(l^(2)+m^(2))=n^(2)`



00:00 - 00:59hello guys this is the today's question if the line X + 3 Y + 3 is equal to zero is tangent to the circle X square + Y square is equal to R square then have to find the condition let's this is the circle X square + Y square is equal to R square ok the centre is 0 0 let's say this is the line equation L X + m y + 10 is equals to zero ok the line joining the centre in this point of contact of the tangent is perpendicular ok so the distance from the point of contact to the centre is nothing but the radius ok
01:00 - 01:59show the distance is given by zero Into X + zero into bhai + and / Root over health square + m square is equals to ok so ja Koi get energy = 2 into root over a square + b square ok by applying square on both sides we get square is equal to R square into X square + c square this is the condition for the line X + A + 1 is equal to zero to the tangent to the circle X square + Y square is equal to

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