If the algebraic sum of the perpendiculars from the points (2,0),(0,2),(1,1) to a variable line be zero, then prove that line passes through a fixed-point whose coordinates are (1,1)dot



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Updated On: 1-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone we have a question to solve the question says if the algebraic sum of perpendiculars from the points 2002 and 11 to a variable line is zero then prove that the line passes through a fixed point whose coordinates are 11 let align a x + B Y + c = 20 is perpendicular perpendicular from point X1 Y1 then length of the perpendicular will be
01:00 - 01:59is the length of the perpendicular l = 2 latest 1 is equals to Into X 1 + b into Y1 + c upon under root of a square + b square and keep it in modulus form now 2002 and 11 perpendicular to a x + b y + c = 20 in this case let's find the perpendicular so the D1 distance one is just keep the formula 20 in in place of X1 and Y 12 will get into 2 + 0 into b
02:00 - 02:59lassi upon under root of a square + b square let this is the distance one distance to is from zero to zero into a + 2 into B + c upon under root of a square + b square this is the second and the third one is D3 is from 11 a + b + c upon under root of a square + b square this is a third distance it is given by 1 + B2 + B3 is zero the sum of the perpendicular is zero therefore if we apply the formula then to a Plus
03:00 - 03:592A + c upon under root of a square + b square to b + c upon under root of a square + b square + a + b + c upon under root of a square + b square = 20 so from here we can write to A + C + 2 b + C + a + b + c = 20 so we have 3 + 3b plus 3 equals to zero or we can say that a + b + c = 20 and if a + b + c = 20
04:00 - 04:59so on comparing on comparing with a x + B Y + c = 20 we have X = 21 and Y = 21 real comparing first equation and second equation so on comparing first and second equation we will get X = 21 and Y = 21 which is a which is a fixed point fixed point thereby hangs the above point that is 11 is fixed hence prove I hope you understood thank you

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