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Class 12






Algebra Of Vectors


If P is a point and A B C D...

If `P` is a point and `A B C D` is a quadrilateral and ` vec A P+ vec P B+ vec P D= vec P C` , show that `A B C D` is a parallelogram.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : We can draw a diagram with the given details.<br> Please refer to video to see the diagram.<br> It is given that,<br> `vec(AP) +vec(PB) +vec(PD) = vec(PC) `<br> `=>vec(AP) +vec(PB) = vec(PC) - vec(PD)->(1)`<br> Now, in `Delta PDC`,<br> `vec(PD)+vec(DC) = vec(PC)`<br> `=>vec(DC) = vec(PC) - vec(PD)->(2)`<br> Now, in `Delta PAB`,<br> `vec(AP)+vec(PB) = vec(AB)->(3)`<br> From (1),(2) and (3),<br> `vec(AB) = vec(DC)`<br> It implies that `ABCD` is a parallelogram.<br>


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in this video we will solve it and 9th question this kind of questions solving together to prove that all drawn from the centre of a regular octagon to its vertices is the Zero vector so we know that doctor Anil at same Sabse Pyari Nagin October rocket so control karne ke liye sabse pahle main sites let se this is one octagon Azamgarh regular octagon so these points are a b c d e f g full HD this is Centre this is this is all we know that

after is equal to minus of Hui vector similarly movie actor is equal to minus of f vector osiya equal to minus of 40 actor Odia actor is equal to minus of actor so when we add all letters from a to this will be equal to a vector plus audio actor sorry vector + b vector

+ b vector + OC ozee actor + or director + water identify getting electric AVN - sakta hai so where is equal to zero is equal to 0 - of values are equal to 2 is equal to zero not a regular hexagon for regular octagon regular even sites that is some action is always equal to zero in case of outside also it is equal to zero

so now we have to solve the nine question 9.3 we ever point ABCD is a quadrilateral and prove that if a vector + b vector + b vector is equal to PC doctor Octopus Octopus PDF and we have to show that ABCD is a parallelogram so navam kaise karenge ab Sach bhaiya pahle log Ham to kar liya this is this is a b c and d are what is your to us a vector + b vector

+ b vector + b vector is equal to PC after so bhi ko bhi Piche Mila Dete Hain dear Ji ko bhi Piche match Karen time now it is equal to pediater services director kaise hoga let se hamare pass ko Bachata Hai

CD vakta triangle PDC Mein likhen triangle PDF + sakta hai Kisi Ko Le Jayega equal to PC vakta Jaega aur similar triangle Kis Mein dikhayen this is this is a preview of the Octopus prebiotic Jaega is equal to a b vector so beautiful Darshan Hoga is direction Mein Baithe Baithe Kisi Ko raha hai

agar yah given what are you doing this you want to s2ep Octopus beata Kisi Ko Le Jayega equal to ab actor hot video actor - 3D vector Aur Kisi Ko Le Gaya this is equal to DC vector what this is equal to DC vector Islamic app Chalaye is Samay Pata Chala Ki Jo Hamara ab Pata Hai Thodi Si aur donon school in Wipro for the yah Ek ke part ABCD is a parallelogram so

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