If `int(1-x^(7))/(x(1+x^(7)))dx=alog_(e)|x|+blog_(e)|x^(7)+1|+c,` then

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`a=1``a= -1``b=(2)/(7)``b= -(2)/(7)`

Answer :
Solution :
`I=int(1-x^(7))/(x(1+x^(7)))dx=a log_(e)|x|+b log_(e)|1+x^(7)|+c` <br> Differentiating both sides w.r.t. x, we get <br> `(1-x^(7))/(x(1+x^(7)))=(a)/(x)+b.(7x^(6))/(1+x^(7))` <br> `implies1-x^(7)=a(1+x^(7))+7bx^(7)` <br> `impliesa=1, a+7b= -1` <br> `implies b= -2//7`


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of modern deal of Mod x to the power 7 + 1 + c then and now we both are different integration between function inside integration that 1 into X + 1 + x to the power 7 equal to the test and product differentiation will be one by two a buy it now be at it again log of something different station is 1 / that and this

71 of one will be and plus it cost to differentiation will be 0lpl 7 + 1 + b into 78 to the parts and + 1 and 2 others as it is I am writing here no changes in this denominators get what we are getting 1 - 7 equal to 3 + A + B x to the power 7 now what we can do we can compare the coefficients to first of all I am comparing comparing

first time taking efficient of constant term in the above equation have got a equal to 1 year comparing it to the part 7 or oneplus 7 b - 1 - 27 B or I can get - 27 B or D value is minus of 2 by 7

option A and option d are the correct answer thank you

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