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If f(x)= 18x+11 then find the ...

If f(x)= 18x+11 then find the value of `f''(x),` is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello students in this question is given as if f of x is equal to 3 X + 11 then find the value of f double dash write this question we are given that f of X is equals to ETV plus differentiate x is equals to DY by DX of 18 x + 11 edition signed this differentiation with distribute say that this is equals to 10 of 18 + DY DX of 11 differentiation of constant of CBSE is a constant is equals to zero and we know that if there is any constant with X with external constant comes out when it is DY DX of NX

and times of be expired differentiation of x to the power 1 is equals to 1 only then will use this property as what is the differentiation of divide and to the power n is equal to the power n -1 if X equals to 1 then differentiation D B dear is equals to 1 into 10 to the power 0 is equal to that this is 18 18 plus which is equal to 18 21 that is 18f dash X and now if you want to find if this will be f x is equals to DY DX of 18 which is again a constant which is equals to write the answer of the


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