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Let f(x)=kcosxπ2x if xπ2 and f(x)=3 if x=π2then find the value of k if limxπ2f(x)=f(π2)

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Given, {kcosxπ2x,When xπ23,When x=π2
LHL =limx(π)/2kcosxπ2x=limh0kcos(π2h)π2(π2h)
k2limh0sinhh=k2.1=k2 [limh0sinxx=1]
RHL =limh0kcosxπ2x=limx(π/2)+kcos(π2+h)π2(π2+h)
It is given that, limx(π/2)f(x)=f(π2)k2=3 k=6

Updated on:21/07/2023

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