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From an external point P , tangents PA and PB drawn to a circle with centre O . If CD is the tangent to the circle at a point E and PA=14cm , find the perimeter of PCD .



so the question is given to us from an external point P tangents PA and PB are drawn to a circle with Centre O if CD is the tangent to a circle at point P and P is equal to 14 cm ab to find out the perimeter of PCD rate so what we will do in this question was will make a diagram the diagram below be helpful right so how do we find out that first we will make a diagram so here we will start with the diagram shows a circle such that the circle of the stroller ok unlimited draw with another colour Sudha asokan over here right now I will just draw the tangent from the outside point so this is the first page
this is the second ancient I will just name it so this is the point P the common point P this is you can take it as a this is point be right and now I will just right away just draw line as well ok this is the centre point that s o right and this is point at this point we can take it as she can take it as the Sudheer Aadi point basically you have now what is given in the question ba and PB are drawn to a circle with the with p is equal to 14 cm soap
given that is 14 cm I will write it down as what in cm right we have to find out the PCD so what a what is that that's p a n p b is same right we can start with the question now so we can write P A is equals to PB write P A is equals to PB why I can write it down because both are the tangent drawn from the same circle right from the same point I will write down as an a reason because its tangent drawn from a common point from a common point from a common point so that's why this P is equals to PB right so now what I can write down over here you can check that p a P A +
B B P A + T B P A + B is equals to can be written as ok period can be run as you can check ko bhi ho PC + CA rate so I will write down P A S P C + CA BC + CA rate and PB can be written as pd plus BB write PDP we can be written as pd plus DP I am right down as pd plus DB right so from here to here we can write PB SPD plus DB play now I will change this PD and I will just changed to things over here that's not PD I will just ride on PD as it is ok can I write the storm ok so I will just name the storm as easy as well right ok can you write
CA is equals to see this is the exterior point so we can write it was so I can write C is equals to CE similarly I can write down it is equals to DB rate AED is equals to DB when both we can write it down so this is the main point that we have to work on right so AC is equals to CE and AD is equals to be divisible write it down ok Nau I will do you can check over here that a + b b is equals to PC I will ride on PC right now I can write c a s e e b e a can be written as so from here right CA is equals to see is similarly PD can be written as pd only plus DB can be written as
mid-weight am Rider midi away ok now p a plus b the value of p a n p b is already given that's 14 metre rate so I will just place the value as 14 + watching that 28 CM rates of the value of P A + B is nothing but 28cm M and that is equal to what ok you can check of a hero that so so rate p have to think so and that and you can just check from the figure that CA + CD is nothing but Si Di I can write C + CD CD so I will write down CV we have PC and we have PD ok sorry Das PDF writer down that speedy not PBS ppd
so that the perimeter you can check aware that the perimeter of the given triangle write CD + BC + BD you can check from here as well PC these are the two points p c p Si and PNB rate so what is the perimeter of triangle you have to add all of the sites like PC + PDF + CD that's the triangle you will get and that the perimeter of the that the perimeter is given perimeter that is equal to nothing but 2870 M thank


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