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Class 12






Permutations And Combinations


From 6 different novels and 3 ...

From 6 different novels and 3 different dictionaries, 4 novels and 1 dictionary are to be selected and arranged in a row on a shelf so that the dictionary is always in the middle. Then the number of such arrangements is (1) less than 500 (2) at least 500 but less than 750 (3) at least 750 but less than 1000 (4) at least 1000

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : novel=`.^6C_4` <br> dietenary= `.^3C_1` <br> total choose=`.^6C_4 .^3C_1` <br> `- - D - - = 4!` <br> total arrangement=`.^6C_4 .^3C_1* 4!` <br> `= (6!)/(4!2!)*3*4!` <br> `= 1080` <br> option 4 is correct


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this question is from permutation and combination in description there are six different novels and three different dictionaries and from his novels and three dictionary vyakti choose for the wheels and one dictionary so and it is also given that when you choose this phone hours and when dictionary we have to arrange them in which is always in middle so novice karne ke kitne music hamare pass 6 different way Le jinmen se charge karne to vaise Koi se vichar choose karne simple Sahyog 64 similarly dictionary ke liye Bhi Kya Hoga hamare pass 3 dictionary hai University Ammy Virk dictionary to karni hai so Itni sari 3 dictionary mein se English mein recharge karne ke liye tarike vange

12 total karne ke liye Honge vah Kyon Ke total choose karne ke aage 6E 423 hamare pass 5 places 12345 dictionary Yahan per bhi kha liye Yahan bhi kha liye Yahan bhi kha liye aur Yahan bhi kha Li Hai to charge kha liye aur Char Jagah per chat arrange karne aur Charon ke Charon wale different a total waste Kitna Jaenge aur bacterial Somwar 5 October arrangements on kitne Ho Gaye Tut arrangements equal to total arrangement

equal to 64 into 37924 factorial this is equal to 6 factorial upon 4 factorial in 22 factorial in 23 and 24 factorial tutorials for several cut kar diya know this is equal to 1040 not 1050 1080 this is it so the total number of arrangements are possible are 1080 so from the options we can see that only option for has at least thousand so our option 4 is correct at least 1,000 arrangements are possible

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