Updated on:26/04/2023

Find the range of each of the following function: f(x)=16x2



hello everyone could find the range of the following function f of X is equals to root of 16 - x square now in order to find the range of the functional and try to find out the domain of the show as the term is under the square root 16 months access query should be greater than or equal to 0 found this at a square minus 16 should be less than or equal to zero it is in the form of a square minus b square for this can be written as X + 4 into x minus 4 April been to MSB so the solution set for this will become - 4 = 2 X less than or equal to Four Square for this Square x square - 4 holes Karan 416 and the minimum value of x square will be zero to find out multiply with them into sin square A is greater than 0.96 3
x minus 5 is equal to find will get changed No 16 on both side 16 - X square + 2600 = 2 x square is equals to 16 square root 3 equal to zero and x square and root of 16 from this is equals to zero and this is equals to effects and this is equals to 4 show the range of efflux will be closed 802 closure for the given function will be closed 804


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