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Find the projection of vec...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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find the projection of vector b + c on a today where is your sister and directors B and C are also given to me so if I know letters B and C then I can find what is b + c Sabhi + C is equal to some of these two which is ICAP + 3 J cap + 7 Keka ok so I gotta be placing and your son of activities 7 ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap class 8 ke kya correct so now you have two projects when the creation of B + c on a rejection is given by simply BPSC daute in to factory Mein magnitude of a square correct this is what is the value of the projection of vector b + c on a CEO will be adopted this vector b + c dot a this is equal to 1 into 7 + 3 into minus 1 + 7 into 8 which is equal to 7 - 3 + 56 social Ministries ko 456 is equal to 60 60 60 times of vector which is 7:00 ICAP - 2 J cap + 8 cricket divided by 9 square what is going to the face that is equal to get a connected as a dot a Vikas apps late 19th of a square is equal to a Dot Net is equal to 7 square + - 1 square + b square sadasya what samskaras 49

1 score is 1864 this is what it so this will be what cotton plus Rs 50 50 plus 64 is 114 61 14 into 78 - 1 + 8 K cap or if you try to simplify this expression then both of them are divisible by 6 to 10 and 36 in 219 so this is equal to 10 by 19 into 78 - 1 + 8 this is a projection of vector b + c on vector if this is my final answer


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