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Class 11






The Straight Line


Find the equation of the strai...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone find the equation of the straight line through the given point P - 1 - 5 and having its low equal to 9 upon 5 question we have here given a point P which is -1 - 5 and likewise here we have given this flow and which is equal to 9 upon 5 now we have to hear find out the equation of the line the first of all we know that we having a given that flow is equals to slow is equal to Y minus y 1 upon x minus at one end this question we have given that the value of Y 1 why 1 is equals to here we have - 5 and

the value of x 1 is equal sharing app -1 any value of m for which is slow this is also equal to M = km is equal to have 9.5.14 values on Patang Patang value X1 why one and when we put these values so it will become here as Y + Y + 1 upon X + 1 is equal to here we have 9 upon 5 now on solving this value we get here that 5 x minus 5 Y + 25 and which is

equal to 9 9 and 15 in this again we got here the value and which is the nine act minus 5 Y and minus 16 equal to zero is the equation of question live so this is the required answer thank you

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