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Find a point P on the line 3x+2y+10=0 such that |PAPB|is minimum where A is (4,2) and B is (2,4)



hello everyone today we are going to discuss one question on straight lines a given this question in the question we need to find a point P on the line 3 X + 2 Y + 10 is equals to zero there pmns PV module becomes minimum where we are given the airport in a Trissur comma to and the be coordinator so here we are given this point a and point B and Line 3 X + 2 Y + 10 is equal to zero and we need to find a point P on this line is there a glass of PM and HPV is minimum and this value becomes minimum when modulus of a - 3b when is that it becomes equal to zero and this
happens when we choose a point P such that the distance of the point P from a the distance of the point P from b is equal Swades distance should be equal to the distance Phoebe and in this case however this module becomes minimum that is it becomes zero later suppose the coordinates of the point p r h now sensor AP distance is equals to BP distance so we can say that a p square equals to b square now by using distance formula we can write a p square is H - 4 square
lesson -2 square is indeed equals to BP square that is at -2 square plus minus 4 square Nagin is wearing and opening this term we get a square plastics 3 - 8 x + K square + 4 - 4K equal to X square + 4 Y - 4 x + 3 square + 16 - 82 we can see that
a square and Square directly get cancelled out similarly to a square and Square get cancelled out now this equation becomes Suraksha + 20 is equal to 4 k + 22 2020 also gets cancelled out and we get it is equals to care Sofia - PV module as becomes minimum when equal to K date should be equal no change for this coordinates are equal so from this conclusion we can write this point also lies in this on this line
3 X + 2 Y + 10 so it should hold for this line also so CV Pradesh vacancy 3x + 2 X + 10 is equal to zero it becomes 5 x is equals to minus 10 that is it is equals to minus 2 show the coordinates of the point P from South to b - 2 - 2 and when we put p s - 2 - 2 this modulus becomes minimum so that is our solution thank you


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