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Class 9






Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Diagonals A C\ a n d\ B D of a...

Diagonals `A C\ a n d\ B D` of a trapezium `A B C D` with `A B||D C` intersect each other at `O` . Prove that `a r\ ( A O D)=\ a r\ ( B O C)` .

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello student that start with question here we have one diagonal AC and BD of a Trapezium ABCD with ab parallel to dc intersect each other at O prove that area of triangle is equal to area of triangle by ok let's start with the solution now what is given here here we have given this ABCD is nothing but a Trapezium in which Asian beauty are the diagonals of trapezium while this ab is well now I have to prove this is nothing but is equals to be sorry means their areas are equal prove that what I have to do if you look at here in triangle abc and bdc did it is common base ok so here I can say that in triangle 80c 80ccc and bdc ok

BD see what I can write DC is common base ok desi is common base while both of the triangle line between simple line of ab parallel to CD hence by using the theorem the area of the triangle ABC will be the area of triangle BD ok so area of triangle ATC will be is equals to area of triangle bdc Dipika so I want to find the area of triangle A OD means is one and similarly want to create it builds with area of triangle be used for that what I first read this triangle area that is the OC from both sides so here I will get area of this and so here

simply se tract ok subtract area of triangle on both side ok so what I will get here I get here simply these will be come area of triangle ADC - area of triangle t will be is equals to area of triangle bdc - area of triangle the year I will get that lead at is area of triangle A will be nothing but is equal to area of triangle B and this is what we have to prove and hence proved

ok so here is the solution for this particular question I hope you will like this solution thank you


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