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Class 12






Binary Operations


Associativity of binary operat...

Associativity of binary operations

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone Apne pichhali video mein Ham Logon Ne competitive ki property ke bare mein jana aur apni aaj kis video mein ham log associativity property ke bare mein janenge aur jaane ki kaun kaun se binary operations associate hote hain Chale Shuru karne with formal definition of associativity and operation who is said to be associated if a operation be operation C is equal to operation be operation C for all ABC belongs to mine on empty set to 40 ko dekhne Ham Kya Karenge Ham Koi given set Hoga hamare pass aur operation be given Hoga theek hai ab ham log set ka koi element uthaenge Koi 3 element uthenge ABC theek hai usko pahle is order may operate Karenge

FIR is order Mein operate Karenge Agar yah donon results identical Aate To Ham Kahenge ki mera jo operation Hai with the set a is associative yah associative property ko kholkar are not dead plus aur into yah donon Jo operation Hote Hue donon Jo binary operations on a ja natural integers natural number real numbers complex numbers in Sabke respect Mein associate hota hai but also know that negative hota hai yah associated Nahin Hota with any of them associated Nahin Hota with integers with natural numbers with the real numbers as well as with complex numbers example suppose that a natural numbers

Ham le rahe hain to 35 natural numbers may calculate Karenge 2 - 3 - 5 pahle is order Mein and then ordered Lenge ham log chocolate cream 2 - 3 - 52 is Hamara result ayega minus 1 minus 5 is equal to minus and then Dashama result aaega Tum sorry 2 - - 22 + 2 is equal to four ab dekhne ki donon results identical Nahin ho raha hai per main a raha hai so minus sign Jo Hota Hai vah associated Nahin hota hai ab 3 X video mein ham log Jaane Ke district beauty property ke bare mein


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