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Let be the binary operation on N defined by ab=H.C.F.of a and b. Is commutative? Is associative? Does there exist identity for this binary operation on N?

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Check commutative ∗ is commutative if ab=ba
Since ab=ba a,bϵN ∗ is commutative.
Check associative ∗ is associative if (ab)c=a(bc)
(ab)c=a(bc)a,bϵN ∗ is associative.
Identity Element e is the identity element of ∗ if ae=ea=a
there is no value of e which satisfies the given condition.
eg:let e=1
HCF of a and 1=1a
HCFof1 and a=1a
thus,there is no identity of ∗ in N.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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