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ABCD is a square Points E(4,3)...

ABCD is a square Points E(4,3) and F(2,5) lie on AB and CD, respectively,such that EF divides the square in two equal parts. If the coordinates of A are (7,3),then the coordinates of other vertices can be



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Updated On: 3-5-2021

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Answer :
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Since EF divides the squre in two equal parts, it must pass through the center of the square and center is midpoint of EF. So, center of the sqaure is `(3,4)`.



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today we are going to discuss one mark question on co-ordinate geometry here we are given this question we are given if ABCD is a square and the points p and F lie on a b and CD respectively such that provides a square into equal parts and the coordinates of a r 73 then the coordinates of other what is it can be and we are given this for options and you need to choose one among them so we have drawn this figure according to the given question these are the points A B C D and a has a co-ordinate 73 and this if line divides a complete square into two equal halves Now since this year plan provides a complete square into equal halves of the centre point
01:00 - 01:59of what we basically the central point of this complete square by applying the midpoint theorem we can find the coordinates of the point O since we are given E and F are points on the coordinates of point or by applying point Theorem by net point theorem coordinates of point would be to + 4 by 25 + 3 by 2 3 comma 4
02:00 - 02:59so this point is basically 3434 know if we join these points then it was a pass through the centre of the square it is but before this week and also observed from the points p and a that the Y coordinates of bodies and the y-coordinate of 3 and the Y co-ordinate of a 3 which means that this line is a what this line BA is basically parallel to x-axis this be a line is parallel to x-axis so we can say that BD line would be parallel to y axis why because this girl is 90 degrees so we have concluded there to be a is parallel to
03:00 - 03:59taxes and similarly BD is parallel to y axis no sense and they both the same Y coordinates and this line is parallel to x-axis we can say that the Y co-ordinate of bb3 that X co-ordinate of B is XB let us assume that X co-ordinate of B is HB then the coordinates of we would be
04:00 - 04:59xb3 10 days B point has the coordinates equicom 3x BCom 3 Now since this is a square so we can say that they would be equals to ob so so I would be equals to ob now using the distance formula oe would be basically or rather a square would be basically for -3 square that is 1 + 3 - 7 square that is 16
05:00 - 05:59which comes out to be 17 and we can also evaluate o b square which comes out to be for -3 square that is + 3 - x square that is 3 minus b square na change is equals to ob and then a square would be basically equals to oversquare so we can say that 70 w b equals to 1 + 3 - x square or 16 is equals to 3 minus x b square can conclude that
06:00 - 06:593 - FB would be basically plus minus under root on both sides from this we get the value of x be a value of x b would be 3 minus plus 4 so we get two values of xb1 value is 3 + 4 that is 7 and other value is 3 -4 that is designed to values of X be the X co-ordinate of a 7 so the X co-ordinate of we could not be 7 if this happens then A and B would basically ko inside which is not the case so we can say that this 7 value is not the value of x b hence we reject the seven value and
07:00 - 07:59our real value of x be considered to be -1 so this be coordinated comes out to be -135 fxb we write -13 that AB is parallel to CD is parallel to x-axis and hence the y-coordinate of the can be fibre so we write five is the y-coordinate off D now let us also find the X co-ordinate of D now sense BD is parallel to EF is parallel to y axis so we can say that the X co-ordinate of D would be same as the
08:00 - 08:59X co-ordinate of be that is -1 the coordinates of the concert to be -15 similarly we can find the coordinates of sea which comes out to be 7 five now we can see that in option to we have got the sea coordinator and in option 3 we have got the be coordinated and an option for we have got the d coordinator hands option 2 option 3 and option for all our character and other option when is wrong that is our solution thank you

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