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Trigonometric Functions


A man observes when he has cli...

A man observes when he has climbed up `1/3` of the length of an inclined ladder, placed against a wall, the angular depression of an object on the floor is `alphadot` When he climbs the ladder completely, the angleof depression is `beta` . If the inclination of the ladder to the floor is `theta,` then prove that `cottheta=(2cotbeta-cotalpha)/2`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `sinntheta=(DM)/(1/3l)`<br> `DM=1/3lsintheta`<br> `Sintheta=(BC)/l`<br> `BC=lsintheta`<br> `cotalpha=(OM)/(DM)`<br> `OM=1/3lsinthetacotalpha`<br> `Cot beta=(OC)/(BC)`<br> `OC=lsinthetacotbeta`<br> `MC=OC-OM=lsinthetacotbeta-1/3lsinthetacotalpha-(1)`<br> `MC=DN=2/3lsintheta-(2)`<br> `lsinthetacotbeta-1/3lsinthetacotalpha=2/3lcostheta`<br> `3sinthetacotbeta-sinthetacotalpha=2costheta`<br> `3cotbeta-cotalpha=2cottheta`<br> `cottheta=(3cotbeta-cotalpha)/2`.


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Hindi question a man observes when he climbs up one third of the length of a client letter placing a stable the angle of depression of the open object on the floor is alpha many clients the leader completely the angle of depression is beta if the inclination of the letter to the floor is theta then prove that cos theta to court vitamins kotalpukur to ok balance ka diagram banaenge to sab height of the ok letter which is placed ok now Hitman plans one third of white suppose the site per Aaya uska angle of depression Aaya is alpha and height

Deepa Yahan per uska angle of depression is ok kya Aise angle of depression is beta so ja Samay angle find out which is equals to beta angle of depression in this nice Alpha ok so this angle of depression is beta so this one also be beta this and also beta ok now Sony Alpha Alpha and location to Bangalore Jayega business Alpha ok this point is to be this NSE and this is a and him at this point to East line BC

Shri and and this is this ok perpendicular Dalenge yah time karne ki so ja kya one third fight fight sin theta kya ho jaega sin theta ungali this one direction of the inclination of letter of Florence to the forest theta theta sin theta sin theta equals to be an app on this is this position de de de so this is 90 degree DM DM DM DM upon oem ok so this is equals to 1 by

third of L sorry is tiger mein ok bye abhi kya baat Etawah ya Karti rahti hai abhi Pata Hoga DJ mein kaun add add is 1 by 3 of L1 by profile total 9913 fell and hit to y3 of l a d m k s d m is equal to 1 by 3 into sin theta sin theta se lagaenge scientist course to BC upon ab BC find any blockb2 l sin theta now Court Alpha nikalenge Court Alpha Alpha Alpha kya ho jaega Aise total fees account DM Court Alpha upon DM

is equals to dmdm is 1 by 3 sin theta into Mein Hote Alpha Court beta nikale code beta kya ho yeah this is awesome upon busy busy so ja se Usi kya aayega process request busy busy Alpha theta sin theta into court of it are ok ab Unka find Karenge ab Ham Yadon fine Karen mcmc Kaise finance Hogi Aisi - 180 - cos C minus o m m c equal to MC Kaise ki mausi - o m o s l sin theta cot theta minus 1 by 3 sin

theta into cos alpha so this is equals to Yahan kya kya Lenge MC which is equals to MGM kiski cal Diye MCC codes to kiske colon MCA course to dnk colon kiske colon mp3l sin theta is equal to 3 sin theta ki so this is the first and second MC equal to in a dream means l sin theta cot theta minus 1 by 3 sin theta equal to 2 by 3 Soya cost hai dna-dna 253 l cos theta cos 12 cos

theta Bihar Se Usko 3 multiply Ki Nahin Aur Ko milakar cancel out Karte Hain To 3 sin aur ismein se isko 3 sin theta cot theta minus sin theta equals to 2 cos theta kiski will finally Capricorn High Court theatre ke value alpha and beta Mein Court theta sin theta Karenge 3 court beta minus sin theta into cos theta upon sin theta cot theta cot theta kiske ko Lagaye aur 3 type of 23 Court vitamins Court Alpha phone to ok date 23 times of court beta minus cot theta by 2 ok so this is

ok Karte Hain

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