`A B C D` is parallelogram. If the coordinates of `A , B , C` are `(-2,-1),(3,0)` and `(1,-2)` respectively, find the coordinates of `Ddot`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Let `(x,y)` are the coordinates of point `D`.<br> As, `ABCD` is a parallelogram,<br> `vec(AD) = vec(BC)`<br> `:. (x+2)hati +(y+1) hatj = -2hati +(-2)hatj`<br> `:. x+2 =- 2 and y+1 = -2`<br> `=> x= -4 and y =-3`<br > `:.` Coordinates of point `D` is `(-4,-3)`.<br>


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hello in this question we have a ABCD we have ABCD is a parallelogram if the coordinates of a b c are -2 -1 0 and 1 -2 respectively then we have to find the coordinates of day now we can draw a parallelogram this one HD Telegram now we have a minus 2 minus one bs30 ch12 and DH why we know that we know that diagonal of a

parallelogram bisect each other people find the midpoint of AC that is we have mid point of diagonal AC ET main mid point of diagonal BD mid-point of diagonal DD now we have Nitin find here midpoint of AC that can be found by using the Section formula so we have here if

we have two points here a X1 Y1 and B X2 Y2 and meet point mid point of support p and that is equal to X 1 + X to Y to Y 1 + Y2 by to mid point of AC -2 + 1 by 2 then -1 Plus minus 2 by 2 that is

minus 1 by 2 minus 3 by 2 find midpoint of barely made point of BD each year we have 3 + 1 by 20 + y by 23 + 20 + Y2 at both are same minus 1 by 2 will be equal to 3 + 1 by 2 and minus 3 by 2 equal to 2 X equal to 22 cancelled out - 1 - 10 - 4 and Y equal to minus 3 so we can say that fourth vertex 8 - 4 - 3 thank you

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