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When the resistance of copper wire is 0.1Ω and the radius is 1mm, then the length of the wire is (specific resistance of copper is 3.14×108ohm×m)


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10 cm
10 m
100 m
100 cm
The correct Answer is B


hello everyone if you talk about this question this given question is when the resistance of copper wire is point 1 ohm and the radius is 1 mm then the length of the wire length of the wire is when the specific resistivity of copper is 3.14 into 10 raise to power minus 8 ohm metre ok so we know that resistance is given by specific resistance and 2L / the cross-sectional area ok now we're given with the value of resistance specific resistance ok and we are also given with cross sectional area indirectly we have to just find out the length of the wire ok so what exactly is the resistance this is point we know this is point 1 = 2.1 equals to the resistivity is given as 3.14 into 10 raise to power minus
and its unit is Om M ok now let se into / area of cross section area of cross section of a wire wire is in its cross sectional area is circular shape to its area will be given by Pioneer square ok this is the cross-sectional area now if I put the value of are here this is by into radius is given is 1mm which can be written as 1 into 10 raise to power minus 3 M ok now its whole square this is the expression ok no from here we have to find out the well live well now we know that by is Anjali 3.14 to describe I will cancel out from here ok so I will be getting l = 2.1 into 10 raise to power minus 6 / 10 power minus 8 know this comes out to be this if I remove the decimal then I have to multiply here with
10th ok so this will become 10 raise to power minus 7 soul team Italy I will be getting 10 raise to power 7 - 6 which is everything but then ok and its unit should be better because everything was in M I have changed this mm also into m so and so will be in M so this is 10 metre which is the length of the wire I hope you understood thank you


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