Updated on:26/04/2023

What is the acceleration of free fall?



hello send welcome to the question what is the acceleration of free fall for this is one of the simplest question in the chapter of gravitation first free fall is defined as defined as a fall towards Earth towards Earth in presence of in presence of gravitational force only gravitational force only in this case we have to find acceleration is equal to what so if we go formula wife then in case of in free
fall the acceleration is equal to minus GM by R square mass will be M will be the mass of earth man of Earth and aur will be radius of earth radius of earth and this minus sign this denotes the sign of sign of acceleration which indicate negative sign imply acceleration directed towards director towards
downward and this acceleration is also termed as small G and this will be -9.8 metre per second square when this in this formula mass and R is footed accordingly the acceleration in case of free fall will be -9.8 metre per second square the isolation thank you


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