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A constant force acts on object of mass 5 kg for a duration of 2s It increases the object's velocity from 3m/s to 7m/s Find the magnitude of the applied force. Now if the force were applied for a duration of 5s what would be the final velocity of object?

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We have been given that u = 3 m s1
and v = 7 m s1, t = 2 s and m = 5 kg.
From Eq. (9.5) we have,
Substitution of values in this relation gives
Now, if this force is applied for a duration of 5 s (t = 5 s), then the final velocity can be calculated by rewriting Eq. (9.5) as v=u+Ftm On substituting the values of u, F, m and t, we get the final velocity,

Updated on:21/07/2023

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