Class 12






Magnetism And Matter


What are permanent magnets ? W...

What are permanent magnets ? What is an efficient way of preparing a permanent magnet ? Write two characteristic properties of materials which are required to select them for permanent magnets.

Text Solution

Solution : Substances which at room temperature retain their ferromagnetic property for a long period of time are called "permanent magenet". An efficient way to make a permanent magnet is to place a ferromagnetic rod in a solenoid and pass a current. The magnetic field of the solenoid magnetises the rod. Materials selected for preparing permanent magnet should have <br> (a) high retentivity so that the magnet is a strong magnet, and <br> (b) high coercivity so that the magnetisation is not erased by stray magnetic fields, temperature fluctuations or minor mechanical damage. <br> (c) high permeability so that material becomes a strong magnet. Steel and alloys like Alnico, Cobalt steel and Ticonal are suitable materials for preparing permanent magnets.


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