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Name three elements required to specify the earth's magnetic field at a given place. Draw a labelled diagram to define these elements. Explain briefly how these elements are determined to find out the magnetic field at a given place on the surface of earth.

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A labelled diagram showing these elements is given in Fig.
Angle of declination (D) at a place be measured by noting the direction of magnetic meridian at given place by using a freely suspended magnetic needle. Then the angle subtended by magnetic meridian from geographic meridian can be determined.
To determine angle of dip we take a dip needle which can freely rotate in a vertical plane about a horizontal axis. The dip needle is set along the megnetic meridian . In this state angle subtended by the dip needle from horizontal direction is equal to the angle of dip.
To measure value of horizontal component of earth.s megnetic field we take a small size magnetic needle of known magnetic moment m and moment of inertia I. It is freely suspended in earth.s field . Slightly rotate the needle from its equilibrium position and note its oscillation period T, which is given by

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