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Two uniform circular rough dis...

Two uniform circular rough disc of moment of inertia `I_(1)` and `(I_(1))/(2)` are rotating with angular velocity `omega_(1)` and `(omega_(1))/(2)` respectively in same direction. Now one disc is placed the other disc co-axially. The change in kinetic energy of the system is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello the question is uniform circular disc of moment of inertia i1 and I2 rotating with angular speed Omega 1 and 2 respectively in the same place on other poets in kinetic energy of the system according to question I am going to make some diagram suppose this is a uniform circular disc for this I am going to make it again suppose this is uniform circular disc is rotating with some speed latest Omega having a moment of inertia again there is another that is

that's moment of inertia I want to and moving in the same direction with speed Omega Omega 1 Omega now it is placed on it is suppose this is the bigger and smaller one is placed on it like that now I am access and now I am assuming that they are moving with both are moving with speed Omega Ruby have to find the changing I have described you through diagram what is now when I please 12 other there is no external force there is no involvement external torque it means

you know angular momentum is going to be equal to have and I want omega-1 the other disturb I want to omega 1 by now their combined fine now their combined so angular momentum will be what I 1 + 1 by 2 Omega solve this is 1 + 1 by 4 it becomes 51 Omega 1 by 4 it is equal to 3 I want Omega on solving what we will be getting

going to be cancelled out this is cancelled out by two time will be getting Omega I am writing Omega has 5 by 6 times of this I have found the combined angular speed of 10 according now according to question wap to find change in kinetic energy what will be the change in kinetic energy I can write Delta ke is equal to final - initial Kinetic final kinetic energy of omega square now there are two system first one and half I want omega square Omega is what 51

sex second one will be half I want by 25 Omega 1 by 6 whole square minus initial kinetic energy of Omega 1 square minus 1 by 2 Omega 1 by 2 all know what we have to do now we have to solve this if I solve this all the time I can write here I can write them as one by two I 12536 Omega 1 + 1 by 2 I 15 to 25

by 36 Omega 1 minus 1 by 2 i1o megawin square minus 1 by Omega 1 by 5 solve this all the equations mathematically will be getting high as minus 1 by 24 IBN Omega 1 square is a simple maths that I installed correctly 550 talk about the option option that is my 12481 Omega 1 square this is omega one is correct I hope you have got your answer thank you

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