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Class 12






Paper 2015


Two resistors R_(1) = 400 Ome...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Given `R_(1)=400 Omega and R_(2)=20 Omega` <br> Heating power developed in `R_(1)=25W` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> We have <br> `P_(1)=i_(1)^(2)R_(1)` <br> `25=i_(2)^(2)xx400` <br> `i_(1)=0*25A` <br> `V_(1)=i_(1)R_(1)` <br> `=0*25xx400` <br> `=100V` <br> `V_(2)=i_(2)R_(2)` <br> [ `:.V_(1)=V_(2)` in parallel combination] <br> `i_(2)=5A` <br> `P_(2)=i_(2)^(2)R_(2)` <br> `P_(2)i_(2)^(2)R_(2)` <br> `=5^(2)xx20=500W`.

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hello friends question is given had two resistance R1 is equal to 400 m r 2 is equal to 20 ohm are connected in parallel to a battery if the heating power developed in R1 is 25 Watt find the heating power developed in our to ok so here given R1 R2 value is given R1 is how much given 400 Om and R2 value is given how much 20 Om ok and their power developed in R15 V1 let's assume power developed in urban is B1 is equal to give a 25 Watt ok so now late assume the power developed in hard to is P2 and we have to find this Bittu bhai logon ke so yeah see as per the question the resistance in parallel combination of the potential difference across R1 and R2 will be shy

because this is connected in parallel ok so we know we're square is equal to p into our ok so here be a square is equal to p 1 into R1 ok that is equal to 32 into our to ok so here there for one hour one is equal to P to add two ok and Arif one value is given how much P1 is 25 into a one is 400 is equal to P to be have to find into R2 is how much 20 ok show from here to is equal to how much 500 Watt ok so this will be the answer thank you


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