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Two plane mirrors are at right...

Two plane mirrors are at right angles to each other. A man stands between them and combs his hair with his right hand. In how many of the images will he be seen using his right hand

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello students today our question is two plane mirrors are at right angle to each other a man stands between them com c is air hair with its his right and in how many matches will be using his right hand a b c d option is given here so we have to find which option is correct so the solution of this question is there are two plane mirrors that is perpendicular so right angle making right angle to each other one first mirror and second Mera here so this is our first Mera and snake and mirror and here is our man standing in between them and comp using right and so the number of images we will see by using is right and is equals to so we know that number of images number of images is equals to 360

and -1 this is the formula for the finding number of Amazing hair theatre is 90 degree so we have the number of images re60 / 90 - 14 - 1 so the total number of images formed is 3 but we have to give the number of images and he has he used his right and so in first two images the comb will be in his left hand and the image in which is between these two images has the comb in his right and so in between he has the in-between he has the image in which combination in which in right hand so from this week

write 3 - 2 in between so this is one so this is the answer for this question now we check which option is correct option B is correct thank you

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