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There are two infinite plane s...

There are two infinite plane sheets each having uniform surface charge density `+sigma C//m ^(2)` They are inclined to each other at an angle `30^(@ )`as shown in the figure. Electric field at any arbitrary point P is: <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(sigma )/(2epsi _(0))[(1-(sqrt(3))/(2))haty-(1)/(2)hatx]``(sigma )/(2epsi _(0))[(1+(sqrt(3))/(2))haty-(1)/(2)hatx]``(sigma )/(2epsi _(0))[(1-(sqrt(3))/(2))haty+(1)/(2)hatx]``(sigma )/(2epsi _(0))[(1+(sqrt(3))/(2))haty+(1)/(2)hatx]`

Answer : A


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hello everyone these are two infinite plane plane sheet each having uniform surface charge density Sigma Kulam per metre square they are inclined to each other at an electric field at point P is so you can see the arbitrary point P is stock individually about the electric field because of these two plate plate plate plate 22 Excel not read so if if I say it even so that even will be Sigma by two excellent and it is

today what so I will write your Jacob very simple now if you see the electric field because of the BC plates OBC plate is directed if it is not a horizontal vertical it is at some angle suppose I draw the axis and y axis sobc plate is at 30 degree with the horizontal so this is like this angle here is 30 degree and display it is pc so if you see also do if I say the electric field magnitude so that would be Sigma byte to Epsilon naught but the direction will be perpendicular to the plane of the electric field direction is perpendicular to the plate in both the cases if you see it directed away from the plate and perpendicular to

the direction so that angle is 30 and this angle as we know is 90 and if this angle is 90 than you can say this angle is 60 date at this angle will also be 60 so now you can break this electric field into components so you will write Sigma by to epsolin Lite bite to eat if you see I will write the E2 as - 2 Cos 60 degree is half so I will I Sigma by 4 Epsilon Not kept and it is in negative direction so I put a negative sign You - Sigma by 2 into 2 again it will be for a Note 3

very simple so we wanted the resultant so I will add 22 so now I will write hi oneplus 2 will be the net electric field at the P2 so that will be a p value equals to even after plus two factor for just add the to so here are the even two Sigma byte to Epsilon naught and E2 is just put the value of Sigma byte to excel at work with the negative side common and in regard to will get I keep this checked by two very simple now if you will add the rare components is I component will

lattice and it will be -2 and if you will add the Jay component with this this is with negative sign so I took their positive so I will get 2 J cap - theta by 2 so it will be so J cap - Jacob I do it will be ok so there was in root 3 sin also there with root 3 was also their needs so if you will Solace so you you can see I can take this Sigma byte to Epsilon Not common here and in bracket I will get ICAP by 2 and component will get added and you will get one minus root 3 by 2

very simple to now you can see which option is the correct one you are so X component is your Sigma by 2 Epsilon Not so with the negative sign so this is the correct answer thank you

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