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The pressure v//s volume graph...

The pressure `v//s` volume graph of an ideal gas is given different thermodynamics process which of the following option relevant in order : (Isochoric, isobaric, isothermal, adiabatic) <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello the question the pressure versus volume graph for an ideal gas is given the following in the relevant Tod Aisa ko dikhaiye active and adiabatic Ab To found which what is ISO bar it with one is isothermal with 18 Idea sunao understand the processes for the first process is given as I pakaudi can I understand what is ISO in isochoric volume is remains constant volume Costa now look at the graph in which part volume volume is constant in this part is it means a must be equal to ISO code

first option get neglected the options are always look at the isobar what is ISO you know Barish for pressure so in this case pressure is going to remains constant when pressure is constant in this call pressure is constantly can see here is constant in this volume was so according to secure a if we talk about option we have neglected all other option but let's understand the other two more part that is isothermal and adiabatic what is isothermal in isothermal process what happens we know

PV is equal to nrt if it is isothermal it is constant for nrc will be caused if the result of P is inversely proportional to be same condition as the slope of this that is DP ID is given by - of again there is adiabatic process in adiabatic process PVS to power grammar is caused it is constant again is inversely proportional to be but slow will be more we will also in WhatsApp par poster but when we take the slope DP by TV is - of Gamma X slope of adiabatic is more

which one will be a diabetic and which one is going to be fine so which one has highest floor see her highest floor she will be what adiabatic and B will be what ISO thermal AVM already found what will be the volume is constant ISO and what only one is remain that is ISO but I hope you got your answer


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