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The liquids shown in figure in the two arms are mercury (specific gravity =13.6) and water. If the difference of heights of the mercury columns is 2 cm, find the height of the water column. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C13_S01_008_Q01.png" width="80%">,

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Solution :
Suppose the atmospheric pressure `=P_0` <br> Pressure at `A=P_0_h(1000kgm^-3)g`. <br> Pressure `at B=P_0+(0.02m)(13600kgm^-3)g` <br> These pressures are equal as A and B are at the same horizontal leel. Thus, <br> `h=(0.02 m) 13.6` ltbr `=0.27m = 27cm`


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this question is shown in figure into arms are Naukari the first liquid is Mercury with specific gravity is given as 13.6 and a second one is water of height of Mercury column is 2 cm find the height of the water column so it has given to a specific gravity is 13.6 we know that is given as 13.6 of maghribi ka would be specific gravity 13.6 in 2000 which will be 1/3600 kg per metre cube alright Justin Bieber has been taken out now let me know at point a to point B the pressure will be the equal to let seat pressure at point a is P not Dope Shop

what is the atmospheric pressure present downwards and the next will be the height of the column density of water + height into row wdc10 job order that will be be not plus height let's ah and do not is again thousand night now the next thing is Naukari B point b b b b b that is not the atmospheric pressure + height of that was 0.02 m m p ka identities 13600 now we know that they will be equal to P be used to be a would be equal to show latest acquired this to know ft equal or not see that uses h in 2000 to 2010

into 13600 this out it's not comes as that will give us at as 27.2.19

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