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The kinetic energy of a particle executing shm is 32 J when it passes through the mean position. If the mass of the particle is.4 kg and the amplitude is one metre, find its time period.



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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Text Solution

Answer :
1.62 second
Solution :
`T= 2pia sqrt(m//2E) = 2 pi xx1 sqrt(4//2xx32)= 2pi //4 = 1.62 `second.



00:00 - 00:59hello students welcome to doubtnut our question is the kinetic energy of a particle executing SHM is 32 Jewel when it passes through the mean position if the mass of particle given to us is equals to 4 kg and amplitude is 1 metre we have to find the time period so let's suppose this is particle which is executing SHM the mass is given to us that is equals to 4 kg and also amplitude is given to us that is equal to 12 the amplitude is maximum displacement from mean position this is our amplitude amplitude is equals to 1 metre and also when the particle is at mean position we have given the kinetic energy that is 32 Joule
01:00 - 01:59students if particle is at mean position the particle has maximum velocity because at mean position acceleration is zero Hour velocity is maximum so we can say that our kinetic energy is also maximum at mean position and our kinetic energy is given to 32 jul so we can say kinetic energy maximum is given to 32 jul its kinetic energy maximum the formula for kinetic energy maximum is equal to half m square and Vmax is equals to omega m square omega square this is our kinetic energy maximum in during SHM so when we put the value
02:00 - 02:59in this equation aur kinetic energy maximum age 32 joule is equal to half hour mass is given that is equal to 4 kg amplitude is 1 metre so one square into omega square when we solve this this two and four will cut and their to is remaining omega square comes out to be 16 or we can say that Omega is 4 so this is our Navya to calculate time period the formula for time period is time period is equals to 2 Pi / Omega it is equals to 2 hour Omega is 4 hour time period comes out to be fine
03:00 - 03:592 second so this is our time period for a particle executing SHM thank you

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