The density inside a solid sphere of radius a is given by ρ=ρ0r, where ρ0 is the density at the surface and r denotes the distance from the centre. Find the gravitational field due to this sphere at a distance 2a from its centre.


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hello everyone in this question the density inside a solid sphere having a radius is given by 2 is equal to do not divide by are thrown it is but that is a density at the surface and a distance from the centre will come to the gravitational field due to this day at a distance to a from its Centre 117 Wan dial a what is the formula for gravitational fields ji is equals to capital M for capital g and there is a m square divided by are there is M / are kya sunao hair foresee calculate the mass mass of the right here that we can do that we know DM mass is equals to density is equal to master volume from that I got this solution this is row and there is here it is a 45 are
Dr in the small portion so row is not met by a so it will be equals to write four no not a Dr I can we calculate the value of M I can write integral from zero to reduce and health radius is given the question I mention the are 02450 not
ER PR and we will do it with respect to our cause a Dr it was answered by row not a q h is one sunao gravitational field field at the distance to at is mention the question we can write a gravitational field to a from centre / to increase of a or r g after using the value of m by row not divide by
gravitational field this is answer this question I hope you understood explanation this question

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