The atomic mass of Uranium 23892U is 238-0508 u, while that of Thorium 23490Th is 234-0436 u, and that of Helium 42He is 4-0026 u. Alpha decay converts 23892U into 23490Th as shown below:
23892U23490Th+42He+ Energy
Determine the energy released in this reaction.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Atomic mass of Uranium = 238.0508 u
Atomic mass of Thorium = 234.0436 u
Atomic mass of Helium = 4.0026 u.
Mass of reactants = 238-0508 u.
Mass of products = 234-0436
Energy released =00446×931


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so gaye the hearing this question it is given that are the atomic mass of uranium atomic number and mass number given OK 23890 to you is 238 20508 you while the Thorium 234 and 90th is 234 04362 and that of helium it is given as CO2 and helium is a photo 0026 you ok so Alpha decay converts to 38 and 92 you into 234 and 19th Thorium ok as shown below so this is a reaction nuclear reaction that is given as a 238 and 92 which gives H2 234 and 19th plus 4 and 2 Helium + energy and here is asking us to determine
the energy released in the reaction to find the energy released from this or nuclear reaction so according to the given question we can write the atomic mass and atomic atomic mass of atomic mass of uranium atomic mass of Uranium you is a 230 8.0 508 you ok so this is the atomic mass number of the uranium 238 point 05082 in the similar way atomic mass of Thorium Thorium is equals to 2 34.0 436 you ok here in the question it is given to the
4.04 360 is atomic commerce of Thorium and in a similar way atomic mass of helium atomic mass of helium Vedic Vastu for 4.000 26 you ok so which is given in the question is again so mass of reactance if mass of reactance is equal to 38.0 508 and the mass of the product can be mass of products is equals to mass of the products or equal to 234
230 4.0 436 ok so here we are adding extra 4.00 26 panel combined ladies becomes too 38.104 62 you ok so this is a delta M value later suppose ok in whatever the value which we have got here this is the Delta value ok so according to that Delta m is equal to Del is equals to 238 to 38.0 508 so in order to find LCM value to 38.0 508 and to 38.104
04627 do subtraction of this both will be getting double 0.0046 you ok so energy released will be equals to energy released energy release will be equal to 0.0046 in 29 31 OK so the energy released value will be 4.28 this is the energy released for a value which we have got as a 4.28 emiway so this is the correct answer for this question thank you

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