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Class 11






Properties Of Matter


The area of cross-section of t...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`F = 100 N`F = 50 NF = 25F cannot balance the effect of the force on the thinner piston

Answer : B

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area of cross section of the two vertical arms of hydraulic press are 1 cm square and 10cm respectively a force of 10 Newton is applied as shown in the figure 2A tight fitting light Piston in the thinner arm and balances a force f is applied to the corresponding Piston in the thicker Ram as giving the levels of water in body answer same we can conclude that option 1 f equal to hundred Newton option to F equal to 50 Newton's option 3 ft equal to 25 Newton's an option for cannot balance the effect of the force in the Eastern so since both the arms at the same level therefore the pressure at this point they will be equal to pressure at this point B Soapy a will be equal to P B

P A will be equal to the pressure applied by the vertical component of 10 Newton's therefore the vertical component is equal to 10 into cos theta theta is equal to 60 degrees as shown in the figure or 60 degree divided by the area of the thinner Piston small a and b is equal to P B witches f upon capital small a is given to us as 1 cm square and capital A is given to us 10 cm square therefore if upon rearranging is given as capital A upon small a into 10 into Cos 60

is 1 by 2 is equal to capital is done at small is one and we have done by to this is 5 therefore the force f is applied should be equal to 50 Newton's this is our answer and looking at options option to says 50 Newton's their production to is the correct answer

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