Six antinodes are observed in the air column when a standing wave forms in a Kundt's tube . What is the length of the air column if steel bar of ` 1 m` length is clamped at the middle . <br> The velocity of sound in steel is `5250 m//s` and in air `343 m//s`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
`39.2 cm`
Solution :
Kundt's tube is a closed organ pipe . Nodes are formed at ends . The separartion between six antinodes is `5 lambda//2`. <br> `= (lambda)/(4) + ( 5lambda)/(2) + (lambda)/(4) = 3 lambda` <br> If steel rod is clamped in the middle , node is formed in the middle and antinodes at ends. <br> `:. l_(steel) = (lambda_(steel))/( 2)` <br> or `lambda_(steel) = 2 l_(steel) = 2 m` <br> Also ` n_(air) = n_(steel)` <br> `:. (v_(air))/(lambda_(air)) = (v_(steel))/( lambda_(steel))` <br> `lambda_(air) = (v_(air))/(v_(steel)) xx lambda_(steel)` <br> ` = (343)/(5250) xx 2 = 0.1306 m` <br> `:. l_(air) = 3 lambda_(air) = 3 xx 0.1306 = 39.2 cm` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V06_C07_E01_068_S01.png" width="80%">


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hello Vivan what is the weight of one length is like this so what will happen to form a laptop core will form here and lamb 444 will form and the distance between the two it will be Lambda by 2 so talk about the latest it is equal to

that is 1 m from here you will get the Lambda in steel as right now you see the velocity of the sound is given is formed due to find out the length of the told you and we got the right so that the distance between 2 and time is underway to distance between 6 and then I will be 16 to this and it is equal to the length of column that is let's a lot it is not right from here you can see it is 3 Lambda

told you the frequency will remain and velocity is question velocity in a while and I O and you can see the land the air is cos x is equals to v a cross X here we will into this by vs it and you can see you already got this land as it cost to to put it so I will write I'll not 3 x of Lambda and Lambda itself if you put the value of land as it is 2 times of V AVS 2 times of V A bi vs

43 vs 852 survival rate 343 by 52 you will get this much metre that is 39.2 cm and this will be the answer of this question thank you

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