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Class 12






Motion In Straight Line


Position of a particle moving ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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the given questionnaires position of a particle moving along x-axis is given by X is equals to 2 + 80 - 40 square the distance travelled by the particle from 20 to T2 S is top 10 Sir 0812 M and M are given the position of a particle that is X equals to 2 + 8 - 40 square tight from here let's find the velocity first we have velocity defined as the rate of change of position of a particle that is DS over it ok so we will get the by DT of the by DT 2 + 80 - 4 square sites from where we will get velocity equals to 8 - 8 ok so this represents

velocity so if I plot the velocity time graph then I will get it without the velocity time graph first we have on the y-axis velocity on the x-axis we have time so sick of after plotting the velocity time graph by take the area under the curve or refer integrate this velocity ok with the given time interval will get the distance ok so now see we have tea quotes 2020 ko subah this it cost to go from here we can see at equal to 1 second the velocity is zero metre per second squared equals to 1 sweet -80 the graph Masti passing from this point now we have at Eco 2011 city is 8 metre per second night

this is 8 metre per second at t = 22 second we have velocity as - 8 metre per second OK so the graph will be combining these three points if I draw the graph it will be somewhat like this we will be having this point is connecting to this thing in this point and this thing so this is the velocity time graph now the area under the curve will give me the distance travelled super to get the area we have to just integrate this velocity component ok so we can say the distance D will be given as b.d.t. from 0 to 2 seconds to the distance travelled will be questioned if I do it in part from zero to one we have 8 - 80 DT

there we have seen negative areas with would be - from 1228 - 80 it right so we will have after integrating 8 - 80 we will get it - 40 Square from the limit 021 - also 80 - 40 Square from the limits 1221 integrating further we will get request to by applying the upper limit we will get it into 1 minus 4 into one square minus applying the lower limits 90 + 0 and here we will get it into two that is 16 and here we have minus minus b + 6 x square minus minus b + this would be 8 and this would be -4 ok so from here we can cancel out the common

India we have it - 48 - 4 so from here we can find the distance to be 8 metres and this is a required answer ok and from the given options we have a b c and d option business correct answer thank you


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