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Plot A & B represent variation...

Plot `A & B` represent variation of charge with potential difference across the combination (series and parallel) of two capacitors. Then Find the values of capacitance of capacitors. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello everyone that start question question series that loot represents the variation in chat with potential difference across the combination of series and parallel of capacitor find the values of capacitance of capacitors question in the question the variation of charge and potential difference is given a combination of capacitors in series and parallel and also find out the what is the capacitance of capacitor ok if we can if we consider this series capacitor is this community lets and let's consider the

series nomination first if capacitors are connected in series and C1 and C2 will be equal to 7 into 7 plus and if you write for parallel parallel combination of these capacitors C1 and C2 ok source equivalent for this combination will be C1 plus sito so we know that in parallel combination the capacitance is more so if if you write the formula charging capacitor that is equal

to equivalent and we then definitely the charge on parallel combination will be more OK will be more so if you see that we can see that the a having more capacitance 110 volt this is for parallel parallel and BS4 series ok now where to find out even C2 if if we use this formula then aur

Commission we can write aur parallel combination we can write you equal to c k Valentino b&q equal to secret is C1 plus 2 if you put the value you was 500c oneplus 6 and oneplus 2 will be 50 micro raad if you find for the series 1 for series 14 series combination again we can write World City

Valentino gold APK net ki call to C1 and C2 vs C1 into a substitute the value us 87a to see 2 / 7 plus c2v already found out that is mycoplasma can write 50 into which is in so this question we can find out C1 and C2 which is what it micro rod ok so now we got to now we go to tuition Shiva into she to call to 400 microcad

and 4C oneplus 3 to it is 50 micro options if you see the absence u11 plus 32 must be 50 microfarad and even into cl2 400 micro raad if you see the first option is sum is 15 that is ok but if cc2c 122 is not warranted if we see the second Assamese 40 that is given the C2 and even into situ is aur so this is the correct Afsar

any feature or other option will also find out that she went to see to will not be equal to 400 hour answer option B we can write correct answer is 10 microfarad and 40 micro raad thank you

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