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Class 11






Kinetic Theory Of Gases


One mole of an ideal gas under...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Here, `P= (P_0/ 1+((V/V_0)^2) )` <br> ` rArr nRT/ V = (P_0 / 1+((V/V_0)^2))` <br> ` [PV= nRT according to ideal gas equation]` <br> ` rArr RT/V = (P_0/ (1+ ((V/V_0)^2))) ` [ Since n = 1 mole]` <br> ` rArr RT/V_0 = (P_0/ 1+ ((V/V_0)^2)) [ at V = V_0]` <br> ` rArr (P_0)(V_0) = RT(1+1)` <br> ` rArr (P_0)(V_0) = RT xx 2 ` <br> ` T = ((P_0)(V_0)/2R)`


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hello everyone that solve the question question says one mole of an ideal gas undergoes a process if we are given some function of P ok is given in some functional pump OK where did not and vinodha constant ok so only is variable ok find the temperature of gas when we cross to Vinod ok so as I said only V is variable ok in this function in and feel so variable ok and we are given number of moles equals to 1 ok so what were so we all know that it is an ideal gas so we can write ideal gas as ok ideal gas equation we all know that it is TV equals to an Aati ok because number of mole = 21 so we can write TV equals to

rnt ok and it is also given ok so we are given that he in some functional form what is given the equals to not divided by 1 + V note Race 2 square ok so we can substitute P value in this function ok ok so we are asked to find the temperature ok be asked to find temperature when we equals to Vinod ok so what we will do we will we will try to get this function in some in in terms of temperature ok so we can use this ideal gas equation and we can substitute P ok so what we can substitute we cancel equal to Aati / ok so if you searched for here we will get it delivered by week was to

ok divided by 1 + we did this to square ok so now we need to solve this ok so if V = 2 sorry it is equals to Vinod ok so let's write it we equals to Vinod ok if we cross to Vinod so you Sab should we not use this function and then then temperature will be ok so what we can get temperature value ok Sophie equals to p not be divided by our bracket 1 + we divide by Vinod Race 2 square ok so now we want to substitute week was to be not so we will get

equal to arduino divide by our bracket 1 + Vinod / Vinod Race 2 square ok so after solving Muni Kata final answer ok so A final final answer will be t = 23 node Vinodh / to ok so this will be our final answer thank you so this will be the temperature when you are volume will be cause to Vinod ok so thank you


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