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In the figure shown the wires AB and PQ carry constant currents `I_(1)andI_(2)` respectively. PQ is of uniformly distributed mass ‘m’ and length 'I'. AB and PQ are both horizontal and kept in the same vertical plane. The PQ is in equilibrium at height 'h'. Find <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/MOT_CON_NEET_PHY_C05_SLV_027_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> (i) 'h' in terms of `I_(1),I_(2),l`. m, g and other standard constants. <br> (ii) If the wire PQ is displaced vertically by small distance prove that it performs SHM. Find its time period in terms of h and g.

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Solution :
(i) Magnetic repulsive force balances the weight. <br> `(mu_(0)I_(1)I_(2))/(2pih)l "mg"rArrh=(mu_(0)I_(1)I_(2)l)/(2pi"mg")` <br> (ii) Let the wire be displaced downward by distance `x(ltlth)`. Magnetic force on it will increase , so it goes back towards its equilibrium position . Hence it performs oscillations. <br> `F_("res")=(mu_(0)I_(1)I_(2))/(2pi(h-x))l-"mg"` <br> `=("mgh")/(h-x)-mg=(mg(h-h+x))/(h-x)` <br> `=(mg)/(h-x)x=(mg)/(h)x" for "xltlth` <br> `thereforeT=2pisqrt((m)/(mg//h))=2pisqrt((h)/(g))`


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