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In a metre bridge, the gaps are closed by two resistance `P` and `Q` and the balance point is obtained at `40 cm`. When `Q` is shunted by a resistance of `10 Omega`, the balance point shifts to `50 cm`. The values of `P` and `Q` are. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/DCP_V01_C03_E01_058_Q01.png" width="80%">.

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Text Solution

` 10/3 Omega, 5 Omega``20 Omega, 30 Omega``10 Omega, 15 Omega`` 5 Omega, 15/2 Omega`

Answer :
Solution :
For meter bridge to be balanced <br> `P/Q =( 40)/(60) = 2/3` <br> `:. p =2/3Q` <br> When `Q` is shunted, i.e. a resistance of `10 Omega` is connected in parallel across `Q`, the net resistance becomes `(10 Q)/(10 + Q)` <br> Now, the balance point shifts to `50 cm`, i.e. <br> `p/(((10Q)/(10 + Q))) = 1` <br> `:. 2/3 = (10)/(10 + Q)` <br> `:. 20 + 2Q = 30` <br> `:. Q = 5 Omega` <br> and `P = (10)/(3) Omega`.


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hello student the question and the balance it at 40 cm when the values are what let's find out in the first case when p and q are connected then balance point that is equal to 40 / now in the s in the

second case when is shunt resistance 10 ohm is connected parallel with 10 ohm resistance and equivalent resistance is 10 Q / 10 + q and in this case the balance point is shift to 50 / 5800 - 50 write this case we can see that equal to 10 Q / 10 + Q in the first case / 10 + 2 / 2 divided by 3 solve it 20 +

2030 20 + 2 cube equal to 32 equal to 10 and q equal to 5 of write so 10 multiply 5 + 5 right so it become 10 / 3 ok so then divided by 35 the first option correct option number 1 correct

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