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Current Electricity


If E is the emf of a cell of i...

If E is the emf of a cell of internal resistance r and external resistance R, then potential difference across R is given as


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`V=E//(R+r)``V = E``V=E//(1+r//R)``V=E//(1+R//r)`

Answer : C


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is the EMF of a cell of internal resistance R external resistance capital potential difference across this capital draw circuit this is the battery and it is connected across the external resistance R and internal resistance of the battery is we can calculate the current in the circuit I it will be and if you see the capital Aakar are connected in series the potential difference across this it will be I into our and I really calculated divide by

the potential difference across the load resistance capital R check for the options she is the correct option simple thank you