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For the given P-V graph for an...

For the given P-V graph for an ideal gas, chose the correct V-T graph. Process BC is adiabatic. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone is this question the question say is that for the given TV ko you can see the core for an ideal gas choose the correct VT ko it is given that BC is adiabatic process now you can see the process a to b is isochoric process and you can also see the process t2a is ISO Barak process and it is already given that b2c is a adiabatic process for ISO quality process a bi

the volume is constant take out of ABCD in which process a2b for which a to be the volume is constant in this fourth auction property to be the volume is not constant and you can see in ABC per process to be the volume is constant for process to be the pressure increases if you can see in a and b the temperature is increasing if you see from the gas equation PV is equals to an RT if we keep the volume constant and increase the pressure then temperature increase so this will not be a now

we got to option now A and B right now let's move to process the two ac2a process you can see the pressure is called but the volume is required so if I write a piece cotton so if I write we will be close to Ana by Pee ya tune Pee hole quantities constants is a process is ISO code ISO Barak trade from if you see here from c2a this quantity is constant so be it is constant then the slow will be constant from c2a

now if you see from c2a the pressure is constant but the volume is decreasing volume is decreasing so the temperature will also decrease did so easy the option A and B if you see here from sea to the two option have the same but if you talk about b2c b2c is adiabatic so if we find the relation between v and t for adiabatic process so we know that TV to the power is constant for adiabatic process the pressure value in terms of PNB I will write and Aarti b and b to the power is equals to cost so from here you can see TV to the power Kama -1

will be constant so you can see out of a and b is the correct one this will be do ko for TV to the power minus and this is the curve for volume is going to constant with increasing at constant pressure at the pressure is constant does this line will passes through the origin is we buy it is constant if you see you leave it is equals to some constant I will write let suppose they can see this will passes through the origin simple question again we wanted the beauty Co for this period and we got there the simple thank you


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