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For a charged parallel plate c...

For a charged parallel plate capacitor shown in the figure, the force experienced by an alpha particle will be : <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_PHY_CAP_E02_048_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

maximum at Czero at Asame at B and Czero at C

Answer : B::C


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hi everyone so we are giving me the question with chairs for a charged parallel plate capacitor shown in the figure the force experienced by the Alpha particle will be so as we have been given with a charged parallel plate capacitor let's consider that are displayed is having a charge of positive to over it and this plate is having a charge of negative favourite show aveeno products for the charge played the electric field will be from positive to negative alright so charged particle that is alpha that is being given as an Alpha particle that is positively charged particle when placed between two plates that is at other points or point to the post it will experience is given by the formula app equals to Shui and here we can we know since Alpha particle is positively charged it will move in the

direction of the electric field and electric field due to this two plate can be given by the formula of electric field by a plate is given by equal to Sigma over 20 Sigma is a surface charge density show a due to the played this is the formula so if we consider particle 2.32 electric field due to this platelet suppose it has to be employed and this product to be an electric field due to a will be in this direction and electric field due to and will also be in this direction am going to wear on both the directions are same so we can say total electric field on it will be E M + n so we can write that for electric field at net electric field at PVR writing it will be nothing

mplussoft or were considered as to be Sigma Epsilon 0 this is the electric field it so we can see over the force that will be acting will be Que in two Sigma by Epsilon 0 so we can save port at on a charged particle that is Alpha Alpha particle we can say the post will be nothing but it can return sq Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Lesson 7 question number one source similarly we have already study that the electric field is confined within the region of a plate so we can say electric field is same everyone in this region to which can using that principal also we can directly would have stated that electric field at P and B if we cancel the force experienced by the particle at point this two point will be the same so but still we are checking it as they are similarly electric field if you wish to find out the

party coronavirus is considered to be at point B so we can say the electric field will still be the time and we can say that electric field at B will also be nothing but it will be Sigma Epsilon 0 from where we can say the pores on particle effect and we will be nothing but you Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 so we can say both as a means of a particle is capital b or C it will experience the same force awakens today was that this option is the correct option but let's check perfect option as well be that the particle is at a so we can say electric field due to a plate will be this way and you too and it would be this way alright so we can send electric field table b03 can ride the wire net electric field at a will be zero therefore we can save force will not act on the particle particle is cap today will

0808 102 this two options is a correct answer it cannot be zero at sea or it cannot be maximum at sea so option B and C is a right answer to this question can be understood the concept and thank you for watching

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