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Find current in the wire BC. <...

Find current in the wire BC. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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`1.6` A2 A`2.4` A3 A

Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello everyone please do this question find the current in wire BSA you can see the we see where you have to find out the current in this fire officer vacancy ABCD now if you see the diagram 1 ohm and 4 are in parallel and to home and if I write It helped this one and one woman forum will have a equivalent of 1 and 24 in division 1 plus 4 and this to you are so this point is less oppose this whole is bc and this is Kyon so this point is the this is either be your c and this is

you distance between P and Q will be 2 into 3 by 2 + 3 that will be 6 by 5 and if you solve this will be 4 by 5 you can see the resistances are 4 by 5 and 6 by 5 and the potential drop across them is 20 what is the current current I will flow through them so you can say the potential difference across them will be in the ratio of the resistances so the ratio of resistances you can see 4 by 5 by 6 by 5 then 2 by 3 so across this resistor the potential difference 20 into 2 by 5 across this resistance the potential difference between 20 into 3 by 5 so this is equals to you can see 12 and this

is equals to 8 so we got the potential differences now we want the current through this PC via if you see this is the PC via write the potential difference first if I write this point is P and across this the potential difference is 8 as we calculated so let's suppose here is the potential difference so like this pose here is the potential difference is zero then hair will be the potential difference 12 volt show 0 + 12 volt is 12 and the potential will be 21 the current through this write the

resistances then resistances R1 ohm and 4 and 2 ohm and 3 Tier 1 ohm and 2 and 3 2 ohm 3 ohm this is the circuit given in the question you can see here so we want the current through this PC via and you can see the potential difference across the four resistance across this one is it in this direction to the current will flow through this is it a paid I will write it will be the current through one or more assistance that is it appear if I write the current to 4 ohm resistor that will be 8 by 4 that is

equals to 2 ohm resistor now if I say about the the resistance to the current through to will cost to 12 with the potential of N2 is a resistance that is 6 a so in this current is fixed and PO and in this the current can be calculated by the same method current through 3 ohm is 12th by 3 is equals to 4 a Suno just by using kitchoff junction 9 you can calculate the current through BC lawless another let's suppose I took this be at the junction 13 12 1 ohm resistor the current coming is 8 and in this the current is going

through BC you can see the current will be to a it a coming here so you can see if this is takes you can collect by applying the job junction law at B are you can also calculate this by applying the same junction at see also if you will apply the junction law at St you will you will be able to see that in this Porur resistor the current is to a and industrial resistance the current is a so in this circuit in this PC via the current will be to a simple to this disk whatever you want to use tension at junction law at bhi aur junction Lo Aisi get the same answer to the option you can see the bee is the correct one to a

is the correct answer so in the BC why the current will flow to a from B to C simple thank you


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