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Consider the situation shown i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Since a switch is open for long time , the capacitor is in series <br> Hence ` = C_eq = C / 2 ` <br> When the switch is closed , charge flow <br> ` C / 2 xx eplison = C eplison / 2 ` <br> (b) Work done `= 2 xx v ` <br> ` = C eplsion / 2 xx eplison = C eplison^(2) / 2` <br> ( c) The change of energy stored `= 1 /2 C_eq xx v^(2) ` <br> ` = 1 /2 xx C / 2 xx eplison ^(2) = 1 / 4 C eplison ^(2)` <br> (d) The change in energy `= Heat developed ` <br> ` 1 / 4 C eplsion ^(2) `


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in this problem we have given consider the situation shown in figure the switch S is open for a long time and then closed find the charge flowing through the battery when the switch S is closed and find the work done by the battery ok so considered the potential of battery biwi ok and charge is flowing through this charge is flowing through these HQ ok so since according to the question sense the switch is opened the switch is opened for long time so both capacitor will be in series combination Court capacitor

will be in series because forth from both capacitor discharge flow remains same ok so that's why I will be in series combination series combination therefore equivalent can be given as she upon to so so when the switch is closed when the switch is closed the charge flown from the battery that charge flown from the battery will be que equals to see equivalent into v&c equivalent is upon 2 into the first answer is first answer is Q =

2cv upon to in the second question we have to find work done by the battery show in the second question work done by battery can be given as w = 2 cute X potential difference across battery took you eat CV upon 2 x vi so it will be equal to C V square upon to both unit of Joule and unit of charge coulomb or you can say microblog ok thank you

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