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Choose the correct graph betwe...

Choose the correct graph between pressure and volume of ideal gas. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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<img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%">

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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thermodynamic cycle X Y Z X is shown in VT diagram the PV diagram that describes the cycle in the best we are given for different graphs and we need to select the correct one so let's start with the process xy xy is a line which means that the volume V is proportional to the process xy this is the Charles law which means that the pressure is constant for the process xy so in a PV diagram we can draw a horizontal line representing this process and as we go from x to Y we can see that the volume is increasing therefore volume of why is greater than volume of X therefore this point here having greater volume is point why and the

this point x coming to the process y z y z is a constant volume process as it is horizontal in the v-t graph for constant volume process in a PV diagram the line is vertical now for constant volume process we can say that P is proportional to T for constant volume this is the gay lussac's law so we can see that from y2z the temperature is decreasing which means that the pressure is also decreasing therefore Z is below point why this is hazardous and we can erase this line

now considering process ZX ZX is a vertical line in a VT graph which means that it is a constant temperature process for a constant temperature process the pressure P is inversely proportional to the volume V in the PV diagram the constant temperature process is shown in this manner it is a rectangular hyperbola let's put the directions according to the beauty diagram this is the final X Y Z X graph in the PV diagram looking at the options we can see that option one is a correct answer

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