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A small object is kept at 18cm...

A small object is kept at `18cm` from combination of a convex lens and plane mirror to get the image on object itself. Now the space between lens and mirror is filled with liquid of refractive index `mu_L`. Now we need to keep the object at `27cm` to get the image on object. Find `mu_L`. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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I shouldn't the question is a small object is kept at 18 cm from a combination of a convex lens and plane mirror to get image object itself the space between the length and the mirror is filled with liquid of refractive index mutual now we need to keep the object at 27 cm to get the image on the object not find this new way to find what is the refractive index of that liquid which is basically there are two cases in world without storing the UNO liquid with refractive index me one second after first look at the first case case one where is not showcase one way refractive index of the convex lens is known to us

new is equal to 1.5 that I am writing the power of the Mera in terms of power of the lens of the mirror in terms of power of the lens is twice the power of the lens focal length is going to be the mirror is going to be half of the focal length of the lens when power is Greater is going to be left to right to power is Greater is by is x factor of 24 what will happen to focal length of a spherical reduced by a factor of right so f is going FL upon this is what will have to write that once your release

now for the length of 80 you know we have the sign convention and all so keep in mind when do we have to f is equal to minus 18 - 18 cm is equal to minus 18 cm into the focal length f is equal to that place I would like to time the place of f i will die FL by 2 is equal to going to be equal to the negative 80 - 18 so to to get cancel focal length of the lens of focal length of the lens because lenses go to focal length 12 on the left onto the right so I only use the magnitude

I want to use a magnitude students so if a list is equal to 18 said that is enough for me I don't want to sign with the market is enough for me now we're going to update what is the now this value what is it it is 1 by x is equal to 2 - 1 X 1 by 1 minus 1 by 8 to write this is a Lens Maker Formula small modification is both of them are in contact with each other and what will happen after their to our Bond will be equal to or two will be equal to our intent that is one particular thing to be noted here in this question and we have all the

I am going to substitute so I am going to come to the values as professor anyway founded as 18 so 1 by 3 is equal to 1.5 - 1 time is equal is equal to Bhaiya is equal to bhaiya so now when I simplify this I will get 1 by 3 is equal to 0.5 X to work to bhaiya ok 1.5 - 10.5 know whether I am I can simplify this I will get our is equal to 8 cm then the radius of curvature Gaya water pouring the liquid of refractive index diff between the length and the mirror I have obtained what is the R value the radius of curvature is ok ok now now

where they are going where you know the refractive the liquid with refractive index bolly4i when it is port I'm going to draw the diagram so that you can be looked at the diagram by convex lens and this is the mirror yeah so when I put to sleep that liquid is going to get field in between field hear it will not disturb the lens it it is going to disturb outside that is it is going to get field in this area that is the thing to be noted that happens now again we apply the lens makers formula for lens makers formula is again one bi f is equal to -1 x

1 by 1 minus one man show now going ahead with the substitution of this FIR go to keep it asset or not going to succeed anything because the effective focal length is going to be different and not want to ascertain the left and right hand real value we don't know if I let me give you a minus one time it is 1 by -18 when using the sign convention minus 1 by infinity by infinity because the liquid is port and you don't the radius of curvature is going to get deleted it is going to become infinite in real time so that value becomes infected what do we do you want to simplify

simplify this negative 8 incomplete side newell minus 1 divided by minus 18 every right we can also be written as 1 - new l bi vi can I did as 1 - near by this is one by I have obtained that the focal length is now finding out what is effective effective focal length I am using the formula all of our location of the formula for effective Focal Point by ffl equivalent is equal to 1 by 1 + 1 by X to write can all do number is it I am going to use Kiya Aur Bi f n + 1 by it is going to act I am taking the focal length of both the nomination

before the liquid pouring liquid that the lenses with power in world which is equal to subsidy on by a cell is nothing but one by 18 right with your friend but for the first case for the second case it is Plus and minus me will buy it now in this case we can take it one and you can get to know what about the power of the Year combination of the lenses are going to show what is P effective let's find out the people in power is equal to again it is going to be 2 X 1 by SL + 1 by X

it is going to be 2 x 2 x 2 - 18 I get this right castle of this 2118 I will get 9 so which can also 2 - new l y can I just 2 - 19 so I've got the relation of pivot tables now are going to the finals of situations where we can get over a year now you can see that the final object distance is minus 27 of their telling the of the business management and there are also the image so so what we get

it was equal to minus 27 is equal to minus 27 CM ok substituting the value today we have found out the relation right so in terms of refractive index and through the substitution time to time so what is f i have got the values that those values time that are divided f is nothing but you know of the mirror ok this is what is f is equal to in a reciprocal of your lens

focal length so come to in 29 / -2 ok so this is what I will ok so I will get it it is equal to minus point we can cancel out this 1927 so 9327 ok so I will get rearranging I will get new l minus 2 is equal to negative battery what is neural new release equal to do when I get to goes the other side ok

negative to positive side it is going to become positive and you need to look at the bank invention also write the Kasbah the sign convention mind to minus 2 by 3 will come so I am going to simply take the LCM 306 minus 2 by 3 what is my I will get the answer as 4 by 3 students so refractive index of the lens latest check which option is correct we will be had four options studied by 3 is for option is correct this this question has got two cases it is time-consuming but if your fast and solving in obtaining the simplification

so I am I just try to explain you that I got it is a potential person which can be asked in energy model 4.3 students

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