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Dynamics Of A Particle


An ice cube is kept on an incl...

An ice cube is kept on an inclined plane of angle `30^(@)`. The coefficient to kinetic friction between the block and incline plane is the `1//sqrt(3)`. What is the acceleration of the block ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

zero`2 ms^(-2)``1.5 ms^(-2)``5 ms^(-2)`

Answer : A
Solution : Angle of repose `= tan^(-1) ((1)/(sqrt(3))) = 30^(@)`. Som the block is just at rest. ?


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hello brother NIC present of kinetic friction between the block and the incline plane is one by root 3 what is the acceleration of if you see your left it is the inclined plane and it is making an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal and this A block is kept on it like this mass of the block is less so if you break the mass into two components so the if we break the weight direction and

if you see this angle will be 30 degree right so it will be a sin 30 LG cost and in opposite direction the normal reaction like this Opera line the friction force wala if you see the normal reaction equals to cos theta since it will not move perpendicular to the incline cos 30 is root

3 by 2 so I will write root 3 by 2 MG now we can write down the limiting friction it will be Mu time so and so it is she have you Mu and 1 by root 3 and is this multiplied so I will night one by root 3 and root 3 by 2 mg and it will be equal to 3 by 2 if you see this course that is along the plane it is and assign it to a limiting friction here it is again and applied force is equal to the limiting friction so how can it move to equal to this is the limiting friction is equal to the question it can move but with

concert MG - FL that is MG by 2 is equals to Mark type of acceleration that is 200 is the correct option thank you

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