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A wire loaded by a weight of density 7.8g/cc is found to be of length 100cm. On immersing the weight in water. The length decrease by 0.20 cm find the original length of the wire.



student this question testing viral load by weight of density this much is found to be a plane 100 in 1 metre omniverse in the war between water Dublin decrease was 0.2 cm find the original length of the source oppose the original length of the wide is l propose original length of the wire according to stress strain equation we know that pressure switches FIR due and trainer b l is equal to ki aur Young's modulus by which is a constant a can you can be written as MG buy a equal to y l l bi n now MG can be written as Roji
bhai because mass by volume is equal to density and lowest density is equal to y a l l bi l and what is the resultant equation it is put in the values to obtain 7.8 x s price is properly 7.8 x 10 x l Be caused by a window that is equal to length of the wire diet volume by Idea call rate 100 - A / so we can write 78 square is equal to 100 - every name the equation 1 order in the next equation be obtained for the next case we see that
the length of the wire decreases by this much for it when immersed in water Samy creation will govern Roji be equal to x n x y group of water is one reason is nothing but so there is nothing but 0.2 CM this is by this becomes equal to 10 square equal to 0.2 why you Naveen name the situation to divide equation one by two we obtain 7.8 equal 200 - A / 0.2 so this equation modified equation compute this it will come out to be
1.5 to 1.5 cm is equal to 100 - l l is equal to 100 -1.56 is equal to what is the sequel to it is 98.8 answer to the question we can write the answer as 91.44 CM aur thank you


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