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Class 11






Full Test 1


A wide vessel with a small hol...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : `P_(0)+h_(1)rho_(1)g+h_(2)rho_(2)g+0=P_(0)+1/2 rho_(1)v^(2)` <br> `v=sqrt(2g(h_(1)+(h_(2)rho_(2))/(rho_(1))))` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello friends question is given her a wide vessel with a small hole at the bottom is filled with two liquid the density and the height of and liquid han Rowan H1 and that of the other is go to Vastu Roman is greater than go to the velocity of liquid coming out of the whole ok so let's assume this is our wide vessels ok this is our white vessels ok and their see this liquid density Roman is filled here and this is coming liquid is coming here with velocity V ok let's assume this is 4.1 and this is 2.2 and hair another liquid of Row 2 ok and this height this site is H1 given and this site is how much as two given ok so here are given this is greater than to

ok so here are see from the Bernoulli Theorem at this point 1 and 2 week and I hear Roj Hero that is atmospheric pressure sorry this this is not atmospheric pressure at 1p not plus H1 into row 1 g + H2 N2 road to g + 1 by 2 and 1 by 2 ok sorry this is 1 by 2 into row 1 in 20 square + 20 is equal to how much this will be we not to run into vs quiero que Sofia not be not there cancel show from here dasvin

V how much one by two row on Ok b square is equal to H 101 g + H2O into Row 2 into ji so from a and b is equal to how much this will be under root of 2G into h 1 + 2 root 2 upon root 1 ok so this will be the word answer we value is equal to how much year 2 under root of 2gh oneplus store to upon Roman Reigns share option third is correct option thank you

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